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A Season of Gratitude

Well, this last month has been interesting to say the least. We’ve seen challenges in every realm of our lives. And, we really have no idea when these challenges will start to get better. It would be very easy for us to let ourselves dwell in the toxic atmosphere currently engulfing us. I am very glad that my...

Who You Are

“Some people think You just live in cathedrals made of stone

But I know You live inside my heart, I know that it’s Your home

And I’ve seen You in a sunset and in the eyes of a stranger on the street

That’s who You are to me

You’re amazing, faithful, love’s...

Facing Difficult Decisions During Difficult Times

Today I am writing to you as a sister in Christ, a wife, a mother, a daughter and Children’s Minister. Each of these roles takes on new and difficult decisions that must be faced because of our current world. As a perfectionist I struggle with this question more often than not these days, “What is...

Wearing Many Hats

Juggling the roles of parent, spouse, and work is usually hard enough. But now, as the pandemic continues, parents are called to add many more – teacher, counselor, tech support, Bible class teacher, and the list could probably go on and on. Times are difficult families! How do we manage all of these roles and maintain our sanity? Oh,...

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