Monthly Archives: December 2020

Looking Ahead

It seems this time of year always causes me to look back and reflect. I think about years past as I put up Christmas ornaments and decorations. I like to collect ornaments on trips we take and so it is always such a joy to think about those special times as we put them on...

The God of No Limits

“... For there is nothing that God cannot do.”

                                           - Luke 1:37

  In Luke’s account of the birth of Christ, an angel comes to Mary and explains to her that she is...

The Widow’s Mite

Jesus tells a simple story about sacrifice and gratitude in Luke 21. Jesus and the disciples are at the temple, watching as people come to share gifts for the upkeep of the temple. Particularly, they are noticing the wealthy who were probably sharing big gifts. But then a widow comes, and all she puts in are two...