The Importance of Generations

My parents gave me many opportunities and privileges as a child, from living in a warm, loving home to being able to pursue academic and athletic accomplishments. But of all the ways that my parents blessed my life, I know that raising me at Southside was more important and valuable than any of the things listed above. Southside is special because of our diverse, multi-generational body. Even secular research shows that being around different people of different ages is healthy for children’s development. It is healthy for all of our development. Stop and think about the things that you have learned from both older and younger generations. We can all learn from each other! Looking back, I can see where having many people at church invested in my life gave me both a sense of security and accountability.

That is why your presence in our children’s lives is so important. It doesn’t matter if they have a wonderful home life or if this is the only consistent place in their world, each child needs to see that people of all ages care about them. The more people in their corner, the better! The Children’s Ministry is not an exclusive club where only the most experienced teachers are welcomed. We want and NEED as many people as possible to get involved. All that is needed is a love for children and we will provide the curriculum, training, and support to do the rest! Please contact Bekah Weatherford if you are ready to serve.

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