Our Shepherds

At Southside, we have eight shepherds, or elders, who oversee, empower, and participate in the many ministries that we have going on.


Joe Bullock

Joe began attending Southside in 1981. He is married to Emily, and they have two grown children, Tyler and Taren. Joe and Emily both graduated from Abilene Christian University. Joe is a CPA, and Emily assists him in the office, as well as help with Southside's Jail Ministry. Joe is active in Bible class teaching, and he and Emily work with the Southside College Ministry.

Brent Davis

Brent and his wife Jayma have been partners  in the Gospel at Southside since 1985, and he has been an elder since 2012. Brent and Jayma have two daughters, Claire and Faith. Brent is a bank president for Colonial Savings Bank, and Jayma owns her own floral and design business. Brent and Jayma are involved in a number of different ministries at Southside.


Jim Gardner

Jim began attending Southside with his family in 1960 and has served as an elder since 2001. He married the former Dana Adams in 1977, and they have been blessed with four wonderful children: Bekah, Chase, Jordan, and Jared. Jim is president of Trinkote Industrial Finishes, a specialty coatings company. He and Dana are both involved in many of Southside's ministries.

Kent Hatcher

Kent and his wife Marilyn have been member at Southside from 1970 - 1978 and from 1992 - Present. During the interim period, they lived in Heidelberg, Germany. Kent has served as an elder since 1994 and has been active in the Hope Ministry, the Pantry Ministry, and Foreign Missions. Marilyn has also been involved in the Hope and pantry Ministries. Kent is a retired civil engineer, and he and Marilyn have three children and four grandchildren.


Alan Hegi

Alan has been at Southside since 1988, and he has served as an elder since 2005. Alan is a real estate lawyer for Kelly, Hart, & Hallman in Fort Worth. He and his wife, Jan, have been married since 1986, and they have three daughters: Lexie, Emily, and Kate. Alan teaches Bible classes, and works with LTC. Jan works with the women's prison ministry, teaches Bible classes, and helps with children's education.

Monty McNair

Monty has been a member at Southside since 1998, and has served as a shepherd since 2001. He works at Lockheed Martin as a Research Engineer, and is a licensed Architect, Structural Engineer, and Electrical Engineer. Monty married his wonderful wife, Linda, in 1976. Linda is a retired first grade teacher at Sweet Lily B. They have one grown son, Jonathan, who lives in Fort Worth. Monty teaches Bible classes and helps with the Peace Class.


Barry Riley

Barry is married with two children: Bradley and Brittany. He was raised in Fort Worth, graduated from Castleberry High School, and has been at Southside since 2000. He graduated from Harding University in 1980 with a BA in Bible. He is married to Beth, and together they have been involved in many different ministries at Southside

Kent Smith

Kent and his wife Joan have been at Southside since 1988, and Kent has served as an elder since 2002. Kent is active in teaching both adult and youth classes and previously served as the deacon for Children and Youth Education. He works as an attorney, and Joan works at Fort Worth Christian School. They have three children: Clayton, Brynn, and Paul.

Elder 8