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When the KKK Comes to Your Church

The “Invisible Empire” of the KKK was very visible in Fort Worth one hundred
years ago. In the 1920s our town was home to one of the largest klaverns (lodges)
in the nation. Klavern 101 boasted an estimated 6000 men. There was also an
active Woman’s Auxiliary and “Junior KKK” for teenage boys. The Ku Klux Klan had

Reflections on the Spiritual Disciplines Retreat

Two weeks ago, we had our first Spiritual Disciplines Retreat for Adults, and I want to share some of my reflections of how I saw God at work:
1) God brought together an amazing group to experience the weekend 
together. There were young and old. There were people that grew up in the church and those that...

Welcoming the Vandaveers

The changing of seasons brings excitement. We have been blessed with rain and cooler weather. Fall is officially here; change is coming. We anticipate with excitement the future and at the same time we look back over the summer and reminisce about the past. We relish the memories, yet look with anticipation what the next...

What is Your Motivation?

Why are you here today? This is a question that I think we are aware of the answer to but one that one do not ask enough. Do you know what your motivations are for sitting here in this moment?
Our motivations shape what we get out of a situation and help us set goals for...